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CU student innovations in solar power and food access

April 2021 Grant Recipient: Simon Julien & Cat Jones

This month we partnered with the University of Colorado Boulder for our first ever online pitch night. A dozen Gretas members joined the pitch night and we are excited to announce our April grant recipients, Simon Julien and Cat Jones!

Simon Julien's project, SolMate OS, gives solar power producers the control ability to ramp up and down their power production when the grid needs it. Having the ability to mimic coal and natural gas plants by ramping power on command when the power grid is in need (and thus paying more lucratively for power), is the final stage of operating a 100% renewable power grid. This will result in clean electricity from our power grid and a huge reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuel generation that disproportionately impacts communities of color. Cat Jones's project, Planet Green, creates a resource that allows individuals to work toward more food sovereignty and adapt their land use to become more sustainable. This innovation is a digital app platform that provides free & accessible resources related to local community gardening & urban farming to low-income families and community members who want to expand their options for food security. Planet Green Provides a digital platform for communities to share resources and learn about their options with food access or learning to grow their own food. We'll be sharing more about our grant recipients and their stories. If you feel inspired to get involved or learn more please reach out to

Other climate content to check out... When it comes to reducing carbon emissions "No single solution to this problem exists. It will require concerted effort from all parts of society, above all governments, but also engineers, scientists, economists, teachers and farmers," according to atmospheric chemist, Dave Lowe. Read more about the importance of working together to solve for climate change here.

Climate activist Vanessa Nakate was cropped out of a picture that was shared by the A.P. Rather than let that stop her, Nakate has written a book due in November, and co-founded 1 Million Activist Stories. Learn more about this incredible Ugandan climate activist here. ‍Our friends at ReKaivery are on a mission to raise $20,000 within the next 30 days to help support the launch of their first food hub, a place where you can buy Farmer's Market products inside of a grocery-store-like space! Help them kickstart this awesome project here.

Member Announcements Sending out a big thank you & welcome to our newest 1000 Gretas members. Excited to have your support! Meet Trevor Tuck! We have a new member on our team helping with the forum and member engagement. We asked him to introduce himself:

"Currently, I'm rooting my energy into three central ethics of Earth Care, People Care, and Fair Share. I aim to create ecologically mindful and resilient lives practicing permaculture. I do this for human flourishing and relationships. I believe practicing intersectional and social permaculture is critical to the human story. I come from a family line of farmers, innovators, and game-changers. I've seen how our current large agricultural practices are turning this world into a desert. I've seen humans all over the world struggle to find clean water, and water changes everything. We are at a crucial point as sapiens. I'm answering the call for myself and the generations to come. As I see it, this call invites all humans to step into a regenerative ecosystem. I am joining in with others to heal our lands and relationships as we reclaim our innate connection to nature, the land, food, water, and each other. It's an opportunity to bring a sense of deep generational healing and shining ecosystems. I'm encouraged; I see people everywhere holding onto a healthy sense of cynicism while never abandoning hope and positivity for one another. All the while, they are chasing after a thriving world. Permaculture is that for me, giving me a glimpse into this potential paradise."

Not yet a 1000 Gretas member? If you want to join us in our mission to support climate change solutions check out our membership page to learn more. We'd love to have you. If you have joined us, please help us spread the word to your family, friends, or anyone you know who is interested in taking action.


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