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Farming Scene

This group of leaders is quite literally on the front line of saving our planet by mitigating climate change through regenerative agriculture practices, and supporting those impacted by it.


With a focus on leadership and access for women and people of color, Front Line Farming has several key areas of impact including creating community, food access, education, and policy initiatives. All while employing and providing education on regenerative agriculture practices, including carbon sequestration, water conservation, terracing, and cover crops. 

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Alga Biosciences

Alex, Daria, and Caroline co-founded Alga Biosciences to reduce greenhouse gas emissions using one of the most scalable resources on the planet: algae. They chemically modify kelp to create a feed additive for cattle that stops them from producing methane. This makes the cow more efficient, saving the farmer 20% on feed costs while also reducing livestock emissions by 90%. After receiving a grant from 1000 Gretas, Alex, Daria, and Caroline continued to develop their idea and  were recently selected by the prestigious startup accelerator, Y-combinator as part of its 2022 class.



Perennial helps build audiences for sustainability based organizations. Many climate organizations do not have the capacity to do targeted advertisements to help grow their following, enter Perennial. Each new person that joins the climate change movement through the work of Perennial brings us one step closer to a "tipping point" where there are enough people engaged to truly make a planet saving impact. 

Climate Change Banners
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Kakembo's WEYE produces charcoal briquettes that emit less CO  than traditional cooking fuels while also preventing the deforestation of Uganda's woodlands. Deeply connected with the local community, his social enterprise solves multiple issues providing new jobs for farmers and reducing smoke inhalation among woman and children. With investment from 1000 Gretas he has expanded his operation in several schools where fuel savings have  allowed full tuition subsidies for several children.



This group of women entrepreneurs and investors finds and promotes great women-led climate startups. Inspiration for ClimateRaise came when investors told them that they “couldn’t find any women entrepreneurs” and the ClimateRaise co-founders immediately came back with an initial list of 80 women. That idea turned into the ClimateRaise newsletter where they provide an ongoing list of vetted women-led companies open to investment opportunities. Now they work to curate their list of women entrepreneurs, promote them, and also to provide introductions that can bring these startups to life. 

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One of our 1000 Gretas members had this to say about ClimateRaise, “We love this! It’s an important mission. Keep at it, we believe in the importance of having diversity equity & inclusion involved at the highest levels in the climate change movement so that we have a variety of voices and visions. Otherwise we are doomed to make the same mistakes as the past. Change has to happen holistically in all aspects of life.”

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We are proud Latimer Controls is a software-based solution that gives large solar power producers the control ability to ramp up and down their power production while mitigating the unpredictability of changing cloud coverage. Having the ability to mimic coal and natural gas plants by ramping reliable generation on command, with or without battery storage technology, is the one of the final stages of developing a 100% renewable power grid. This will result in clean electricity from our power grid and a huge reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

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Simon Julien



Rachel Kois

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Simple Switch is making thousands of ethical and impactful products available in one place while telling engaging stories of the brands they sell and their world changing work. Simple Switch makes ethical shopping a genuine competitor against big box brands with no commitment to environmental or human impact. 

We have the power to make change without changing much, it will just take a Simple Switch! The money we are already spending online can solve incredibly large and complex global problems, including the climate crisis, if redirected to companies who care.

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It is imperative that we picture, create and imagine utopic narratives and societal outcomes. Personally I image and curate liberation for all through zero waste practices, rest, play, regenerative stewardship of the Land, identifying beyond the confines of race and gender. More specifically we will have genuine relationships based on everyone receiving basic dignities, being accountable to their actions/behaviors with cultural sovereignty, and Creative expression.

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kuwa jasiri Indomela

Help the community and send Artistic Apothecary Seeds to distribute and educate folks!

For 2022, we are working to establish three community gardens as land trusts to be collectively owned and utilized. The land trust model is a means of re-wilding the planet and promoting the health of these spaces, in addition to the heath of the people. Our Zero Waste Community Gardens and remediation programs remedy the root issues in our community creating greenways, pollinator habitat, Nature corridors, fertile soil, clean air, and play space.

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