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Empowering Climate Innovation: Ribbit Network Receives $5,000 Grant

Updated: Jan 11

We're thrilled to share exciting news about our latest grant recipient, Ribbit Network! As advocates for climate innovation, we're proud to support Ribbit Network with a $5,000 grant to further their mission in climate observation and awareness.

Establishing Impactful Climate Solutions

Ribbit Network, a previous recipient of our $1,000 grant, has demonstrated exceptional dedication to advancing open-source designs, hardware, and software for Frog Sensors. Ribbit Network is a non-profit organization that inspires students, teachers, makers, and scientists to take direct climate action by building a sensor and contributing to open-source globally-distributed climate observation network. With a strong commitment to community-driven climate observation, Ribbit Network has achieved significant milestones, including:

- 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Status: Ribbit Network is now a recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit, fostering a community of over 200 members and deploying 200 sensors globally.

- University Collaborations: Initiating successful University Summer Program Partnerships, including a notable collaboration with Rutgers University IDEA program.

- International Sensor Deployments: Deploying five Frog sensors in partnership with scientific research programs in the USA and Switzerland, advancing data analysis for climate policies.

Scaling Impact Through Sensor Kits

Ribbit Network's vision extends beyond achievements; they aspire to scale their impact by offering sensor kits for sale to the public. This step aims to:

- Surpass the 1000-sensor milestone.

- Establish a recurring revenue model to provide kits for educators and citizen scientists.

Supporting Climate Innovation Matters

At 1000 Gretas, we believe in supporting organizations like Ribbit Network, driving innovation in climate observation. Our $5,000 grant is a testament to our commitment to fostering accessible and inclusive climate solutions. To keep up on Ribbit Networks journey, sign up for their newsletter here!


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