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Frontline Farming addresses food inequity

Updated: May 13, 2021

🎉 Welcome to the 1000 Gretas Community! We are excited to share more about our purpose and drive with our inaugural newsletter. The Background... 1000 Gretas is a nonprofit formed as a response to the collective call out by the youth of the world: “There is no Planet B for us!" With the official launch of 1000 Gretas, our mission is to identify and aid bright people who have viable solutions to address the global climate crisis. Imagine if there were a thousand people like Greta Thunberg in our communities, driving solutions to the myriad of challenges of climate change. We know of innovative people -- especially younger -- have ideas but face obstacles to capital and experience. 1000 Gretas will provide micro-funding, mentorship and a network of experts to help these change-makers turn their ideas into action. We have developed and tested our crowd-sourcing model, and look to make a difference providing progressive grants to those applicants who have the opportunity to make the biggest impact. We'll be sending our monthly newsletter to keep you updated on our progress, highlight inspirational stories, and share the latest in climate change solutions.

January 2021 Grant Recipient: FrontLine Farming We are proud to announce our first grant recipient, FrontLine Farming. This group is quite literally on the front line of saving our planet by mitigating climate change through regenerative agriculture practices, and supporting those most impacted by it.

With a focus on leadership and access for women and people of color, FrontLine Farming has several key areas of impact including creating community, food access, education, and policy initiatives. All while employing & providing education on regenerative agriculture practices including carbon sequestration, water conservation, terracing, and cover crops.

Other climate content to check out... 🌱 If you want to learn more about regenerative agriculture, this episode of the How to Save a Planet podcast, follows two farmers, one small-scale in New York, the other an industrial farmer in Minnesota. Both farmers are on a journey to impact climate change through soil. Listen here.

🌎 In 1991, Mt Pinatubo in the Philippines erupted, spewing 20 million tons of sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere. The sulfur dioxide created a protective layer around the earth and caused it to cool by half a degree for the next two years. Scientists think they have found a way to similarly reflect some amount of sunlight back into space and help cool the planet. Now this is a last ditch kind of solution and should not be seen as a panacea to the overall problem, but it is nevertheless an interesting stop-gap. Read more about Solar Geoengineering here.

🌯 The fast-casual restaurant chain, Chipotle debuted Real Foodprint, the first food sustainability tracker of its kind. By selecting your meal choice, you can see the sustainable impact you’re having by choosing responsibly sourced ingredients. Read the five key metrics of impact data here.

Member Announcements Sending out a big thank you & welcome to our newest 1000 Gretas members, Sam Wyman and Ryan Holdeman. Excited to have your support! Reminder to everyone to get in your votes for next month's grant recipient. Voting closes EOD Sunday, January 31st. Not yet a member? If you want to join 1000 Gretas in our mission to support climate change solutions check out our membership page to learn more. We'd love to have you. If you have joined us, please help us spread the word to your family, friends, or anyone you know who is interested in taking action.


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