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Igniting Change: Blazin' Joe's Journey to Sustainability

We are thrilled to announce the latest recipient of the 1000 Gretas grant - Blazin' Joe, a company founded by the dynamic Maddie Cataldo. Maddie's journey in environmental entrepreneurship, sparked by her father's biodiesel company, has led to the creation of a revolutionary solution to repurpose spent coffee grounds.

A Passion for Sustainability:

Maddie's childhood exposure to her father's biodiesel company fueled her interest in upcycling for the environment. This passion guided her to major in sustainability and entrepreneurship at CU Boulder, where she discovered the potential of entrepreneurship to create positive change.

Blazin' Joe's Mission:

Blazin' Joe is on a mission to transform the way we view and discard spent coffee grounds. Recognizing the environmental impact of coffee grounds in landfills, Maddie and her team have developed an ingenious solution - turning coffee waste into all-natural firelogs and fire starters.

Eco-Friendly Fire Products:

Blazin' Joe's firelogs and fire starters burn hotter than traditional wood, providing a long-lasting warmth perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Free from harmful chemicals, these products offer a delightful, eco-friendly alternative without the unpleasant scents commonly found in artificial logs.

Closing the Loop in the Coffee Industry:

Blazin' Joe aims to close the loop in the coffee industry, creating a truly circular system. By choosing their coffee-fueled fires, consumers actively participate in reducing spent coffee grounds and embracing a sustainable lifestyle.

Read More:

For a detailed exploration of Blazin' Joe's journey and the impact they're making, check out their website! Discover the inspiration behind Maddie Cataldo's vision and learn more about how Blazin' Joe is transforming the way we think about waste.

Thank you for being a part of the 1000 Gretas community and supporting innovative initiatives like Blazin' Joe. Together, we can create a sustainable future for generations to come.


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