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About Us
OUR Team

Meet our team of passionate individuals dedicated to moving the needle on climate change.

Oliver Cenedella

Co-Executive Director

"Using our collective intellect, focus, and capital to save our planet is what I believe to be our greatest duty."

Kaylin Linke

Co-Executive Director

"Through my career in tech I have experienced the power of access. Now I want to identify others who need that same boost."

Gabrielle Guarna

Foundation Associate

Don Springer

Founding Member

Andrés Campos

Foundation Associate

Tim Wolters

Founding Member

Brandon Line


Scott Mackaro

Director of Engagement


As we build our community, we are guided by our vision to be...

Holding Hands


All are valuable and have gifts that can aid and benefit the healing of our planet. Honor each person and recognize their contributions to our community.


Showcasing where Gretas and climate solutions are having a positive impact will help sustain and grow our community's health.

Image by Dimitri Iakymuk


Open collaboration is at the heart of 1000 Gretas. We are committed to sharing the mission, direction, and status of our community.


Too often funding and mentorship opportunities are open to a select few. 1000 Gretas will promote equal access.

People First

1000 Gretas will work to promote people and solutions in line with the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals


We acknowledge the challenges  facing our planet, but we believe in the resiliency of our community and the impact of small ideas growing into large solutions.

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